Welcome to the website for One Nation New Media. We are a consulting firm focused on new media, political messaging, online fundraising and overall communications strategy based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Over the past several years Nation Hahn, the founder of One Nation New Media, has worked for a variety of political campaigns, companies, non-profits and start-ups around the country.

We can work with personalities big and small. We provide training and education. We can develop concepts or help you flesh out your own. We can execute strategies created for your brand or we can provide high level advice to help your staff execute.

The strategic advice and experience offered by One Nation comes from a wide range of experience. Working for John Edwards, Hampton Dellinger for Lt. Governor and Linda Ketner for Congress allowed Nation to work with some of the top experts in the field and gain valuable experience and insight from leading strategists around the country. Nation went on to work with the North Carolina chapter of the Sierra Club where he led successful experimentation with online fundraising and fundraising events. Along the way Nation spent significant time working on online fundraising, experimenting with new media fundraising and more.

Over the past two years Nation has worked with Ken Lewis for Senate, TSI, PG Samuel and several other clients both as a staffer and as a volunteer consultant.

The United Football League has been the proving ground for much of Nation’s strategic principles. When Nation took over leadership of the UFL’s Digital Media Enterprises department the League had less than 8,000 cumulative followers and no online presence for any of the teams. Today the League has more than 100,000 cumulative followers across the online landscape.


Other achievements with the UFL include:

  • Launch of a Boxee.TV App which allowed users of Boxee to watch UFL games live
  • Collaborating with the UFL IT Department to showcase the UFL Championship Game live on YouTube with multiple camera angles
  • Managing partnerships with aol, Boxee.TV and other online leaders
  • The launch of a foursquare and GoWalla brand page
  • Conducting the 2011 UFL Draft entirely via Twitter – including a special draft pick announcement by CNBC’s Darren Rovell
  • Working with the Commissioner of the League to earn coverage via social media from Albert Breer, Adam Schefter and other leading sports journalists
  • Launching Twitter accounts for legendary coaches such as Jerry Glanville and Marty Schottenheimer and guiding these legends through the world of social media

Beyond those achievements Nation has worked with the Public Relations staff of the UFL to manage crisises, stage press conferences, develop online content, broker content partnerships and a host of other tasks.


During the 2008 John Edwards campaign Nation was taking a legendary political consultant employed by the campaign to an interview when the consultant declared that Nation needed a slogan for a future campaign. After thinking about it for a few minutes the consultant stated that the slogan should be “365 Million Americans, One Nation”. While we are not in need of a slogan for a Presidential campaign it did inspire the name for this firm!

One Nation New Media represents a desire to work with candidates and organizations dedicated to unifying our country and state around common sense, progressive principles. Nation has been involved in politics from a young age and has remained active throughout the years because of a desire to play a role in public service in North Carolina and beyond.

“One Nation” also represents a desire to unify the communications strategy, messaging process, new media and all other communication elements for companies. Currently we are working with several startup companies, and the UFL, to shape their messaging and guide their new media.

We are ready to help you with media new and old alike.

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