Our Strategy

Our strategy is designed to develop a new media culture for campaigns, organizations and businesses. Our approach begins with designing a strategy that matches each client. We help clients develop a voice, an identity and a unified communications plan that really fits them. We do not believe in trying to jam round pegs into square holes. We can help you start the conversation and leave you on your own or we can start the conversation and then continue engaging with your fans, followers and consumers. We can provide training and oversight. We can help integrate new media into your marketing or we can guide your overall campaign.

We are here to help.

Among our services:

  • Online outreach
  • Blogging
  • Content creation
  • Launching of social media accounts
  • Overhauling of social media accounts
  • Determining which social media services make sense for you
  • New media training
  • Social network engagement and activation
  • Online fundraising
  • List building
  • Overall communications strategy
  • Marketing
  • Ad development
  • Management consulting and candidate training
  • Website development (we do not code but we have led many successful website overhauls)
  • WordPress development
  • Development and launch of online communities
  • Overall public relations work