Testimonials from past clients, colleagues and leaders in the new media field.

Amanda Vandervort, a leading digital media strategist with Major League Soccer and a number of other ventures, had this to say:

“Nation is one of the most innovative media experts I know, and his comprehensive knowledge of the industry is second to none.  I’m consistently impressed at how he pushes the envelope to learn, test, plan and utilize new platforms.  His sincere enthusiasm for what he does, plus his keen ability to communicate complex messages in a straightforward way, have allowed him to develop campaigns that demonstrate real returns on investments.  Nation is a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend him wholeheartedly to anybody.”

Brian Melekian, Vice President of Operations and Strategy for Ludus Tours and former VP of Operations for the UFL, said:

“When I met Nation at the beginning of our time with the UFL I knew nothing of social media. By the end I knew a lot more (thanks to his patience) but more than that I knew that he could take care of everything. Nation is that rare combination of tech nerd, savvy marketer & team player. I will definitely be working with him again in the future and suggest you do the same if you want to go from good to great”

David Phelps, Director of Communication at Washington Education Association and former colleague on John Edwards for President, said:

“Looking for a go-getter with outstanding ability and an extraordinary capacity for work? Nation is that person. Throughout the Edwards presidential campaign, Nation exhibited poise, tenacity, intelligence, a deep understanding of the political process, commitment, honesty, collegiality, and a deep sense of fair play.

Nation is someone you need to have on your team. His skills and expertise will contribute mightily to your bottom-line.”

Dusty Sloan, long time newspaper editor and Chief Content Writer for UFL-Football.com, had this to say about One Nation New Media:

“One Nation New Media is THE place to go if your company, non-profit organization or campaign is looking for a new unified communications strategy. Founder Nation Hahn has extensive experience in both planning and executing successful communications strategies, and that experience, along with his tireless work ethic and expansive skill set, will help you get the communications results you are looking for.”